Duke of NigerDelta

Duke of NigerDelta 2019

Duke of Niger Delta is a cultural pageant, part of the Duke and Duchess Pageant Brand™️ (DDPB). The pageant is for males only. It showcases and celebrates out rich culture and seeks to preserve our cultural heritage in the Niger Delta. A little knowldge of your culture is required.

Contestants display their knowldge and love for culture using talent and creativity. Camp will be for a one week period. It promises to be a rich, educative and funfilled event. It is a unique program and the truly first all cultural pageant in Nigeria and on the continent. The pageant seeks to promote culture while encouraging innovation and creativity in contestants and promoting peace and unity.  

Contestants representing each part of Nigerdelta Shall compete on who will be the Duke of Niger Delta.  

4 Ambassadors namely - Ambassador for Tourism, Culture, Peace and Change shall emerge and shall get 200,000NGN each, vacations, insurance, chance to walk runway events, a chance to star in Nollywood Movies, and more.

The Duke shall get 750,000 NGN and a car, vacation, endorsements, opportuinity to star in Nollywood Movies, an opportuinity to walk international runways and more amongst other benefits.

Proposed Schedule for Duke of NigerDelta cultural pageant is as follows;

1. Form sale Begins 15/08/2019

2. Audition Begins 1/10/2019  

3. Audition and Form Sales Ends 20/10/2019  

4. Audition Cities - Calabar, Asaba, Warri and Port Harcourt. Exact Dates, Time and Venue will be communicated to contestants.  

5. Arrival to Camp (-------)  

6. Event Finale (-------)  

7. Event Location - Nigeria