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Who We Are

Krisari Entertainment Limited is a leading entertainment company incorporated in the Federal Republic of Nigeria with RC No. 1367521. Founded in 2011, KEL prides itself on its ability to bring creativity and innovation to the entertainment industry.


Our Vision is to be Africa's leading entertainment company, providing entertainment services with an enviable track record.  

Our objective is to provide high quality service that meets the requirements of the entertainment sector. We also strive to expand our capacity of service, developing our staffs into the most professional and fully commited team in the industry. 

Business Development

Our Business Development Department takes pride in its innovative research aimed at exploring new business opportuinities and changing the narrative within the Entertainment and literary Industries.

Artist Management/
KEL Model Management

Our A&R department takes pride in our ability to formulate innovative public relations campaigns and marketing strategies, combined with our creativity and expanded thinking. 


Krisari Entertainment organizes various music/comedy concerts. Our main mission is to bring world class artists and attractions to audiences in and outside of the major metropolitan areas. 
We also own the trademark to pageant brand known as Duke and Duchess Pageant Brand™️. 


Our Media Division takes Pride in its innovative products, ranging from TV Shows to Movie Productions,Music Production, Record Label and the KRISARI Magazine. We take pride in showcasing the African Continent to the world.
Simply put, we are Just Celebrating Africa. 

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